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Album cover for The Ship and The Sea.

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Sea monster.


  1. Roll Over Me
  2. Always the Same
  3. Mended
  4. Don’t Say That
  5. Ships on the Ocean Floor
  6. Sirens
  7. Today I’ll Die
  8. Because We Are
  9. Follow the Sound
  10. Don’t Go Away
  11. March On
  12. Ocean Blue

again, for the second day in a row, i cannot stop listening to the @TheAutumnFilm’s… so wonderful.

The new CD packaging by @TheAutumnFilm is one of a kind awesome (and so are the songs):

you need to buy @TheAutumnFilm new album “the ship and the sea”. yes. yes you do. go… now.

The new @TheAutumnFilm record is friggin awesome. I'm super pumped about the album release show tonight. Check em out:

@TheAutumnFilm You have no idea how happy I am that March On is on the new disk. I fell in love with it (and you guys) at @bocome

Just downloaded The Ship and the Sea from @TheAutumnFilm – another awesome album guys! Thanks so much for the great music!!!

d’loaded @theAutumnFilm. Really enjoying it. Sounds crazy but hear Tracy Chapman and Annie Lennox in there somewhere. check it out!

Just finished @theautumnfilm's newest CD, it's fantastic. :)

I am so in love with this song by @TheAutumnFilm! #theshipandthesea #awesome

@TheAutumnFilm : I can't help listen to "Sirens" and "Mended" over and over again.

The new autumn film album will knock your socks off.

@TheAutumnFilm 'Mended' is one epic song. Nice album guys

@TheAutumnFilm Head over heels in love with The Ship and The Sea. There are more amazing songs than any one album has a right to include.

I dig the new album by The Autumn Film!!! I love the whole package!! It's truly a album enjoyed from first track to last! Che check it out!!

@TheAutumnFilm LOVE IT!!! I even really like the album art! : )

@TheAutumnFilm The new album is outstanding. It's been on repeat all day. I hope I can hear it live sometime soon!

@TheAutumnFilm your new record...I love it!!!

show of hands... who's loving the new @theautumnfilm record?